A Look at the Most Edited Wikipedia Articles of 2016

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Wikipedia pages are continually updated. In some instances, an edit will inject inaccurate or highly negative information into a Wikipedia page. Some pages end up undergoing numerous edits throughout the course of a given year. The tally is now in for the most Wikipedia edits per page of 2016.

Deaths in 2016

The most edited Wikipedia article of 2016 was the one simply titled “Deaths in 2016.” By year’s end, 2016 seemed like it would be better known for the number of well-known people who died than even the U.S. Presidential election. The “Deaths in 2016” article was edited 18,230. No other Wikipedia article came close to this number of Wiki edits in 2016.

Donald Trump

Always eager to come in first place, the reality show host turned President of the United States might take umbrage to the fact that the Wikipedia page about him was in second, not first, place. The “Donald Trump” article was edited 8,933 in 2016.

List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 2016

Coming in at third place for the most times authors would edit a Wikipedia page in 2016 was one entitled “List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 2016.” The page highlighting donors to the presidential campaign of Democrat Clinton was edited 6,527 throughout the course of the year.

United States presidential election, 2016

Not far behind the Clinton donor page was one entitled “United States presidential election, 2016.” The article providing general information about the 2016 presidential election in the United States was edited 6,162 during the year.

Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016

The fifth space slot on the list of the most edited Wikipedia pages in 2016 went to “Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016.” 5,715 were performed on the page throughout the presidential election year.

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