A Sit Down With OVME’s Dr. Mark McKenna

During a recent interview with the founder and CEO of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna, he shares what inspired him to bring that company to life and how he can positively reshape the medical world. Dr. McKenna explains that the idea for his company OVME came into place after working in various sects in the medical aesthetics industry for over 10 years. He gradually grew his practice and at one point it became one of the biggest in the United States. Dr. McKenna ended up selling that practice to a publicly traded company. The lighthearted tête-à-tête continues as he shares what his typical day is like with the interviewer, from his morning routines before work to dinner with his family and night training at the gym. He also declared that he is very excited that there is a major decline in smoking in the U.S. and that his habit of reading makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. If he were to start all over again, Dr. McKenna would have taken more time to figure out what he was most passionate about at a younger age. He states that “speed without direction is useless”, as he was always in a rush to complete his schooling and stressed that he should’ve slowed down.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and licensed practitioner in surgery and medicine by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He currently serves as the CEO and Founder of his tech enabled, medical aesthetic company named OVME, in as recent as 2017. The company’s objective is to reinvent the elective healthcare for the United States. Before OVME, Dr. McKenna launched a wellness and aesthetic practice aptly named “ShapeMed” in 2007. This was the practice that he had sold to the publicly traded company, Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2004.

Hailing from New Orleans, Dr. McKenna graduated from the Tulane University Medical School in Louisiana. After the devastating Hurricane Katrina left most of New Orleans in shambles, all of Dr. McKenna’s business interests also fell victim to the storm. This led him to actively volunteer to help rebuild his homeland by introducing low-moderate income housing to his fellow citizens.

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