Brian Torchin Is Helping To Fill Health Care and Law Positions

Brian Torchin is the man behind HealthCare Recruitment Counselors, LLC, which is a company that offers career consultation and search services for employment seekers to fill the needs of healthcare companies, hospitals, and legal firms. They pride themselves on offering customized solutions to their employer clients.

Having been a healthcare provider himself, Brian Torchin understands what a successful clinic or office needs to operate. His company saves a facility time since he handles performing the background checks as well as staff training.

Brian Torchin also knows what to look for when he’s hiring. Not only does it take skills and experience, he looks for a good overall disposition and a willingness to work. He knows that a company is going to benefit most from a team player who is willing to pull his weight. Brian used his experience in his field of chiropractic practice to learn how to hire the best for his own practice, and now that is a skill he uses to help others.

HealthCare Recruitment Counselors can fill many positions in the healthcare industry. From dentists, physical therapists, and chiropractors to physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and urgent care providers. Healthcare and other offices can also use these services to hire positions in office management, billing, front desk receptionists and public relations.

For the legal industry, HealthCare Recruitment Counselors can help law firms fill positions for attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, assistants, and administrators. He remains very hands on in his company, but still finds time to write articles that he posts to the firms blog.

Brian Torchin writes about a variety of topics such as simplifying online marketing, hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, the top interview questions and the five tips to hiring superb employees. A look at his Facebook profile provides infomation about the company, including including open job positions and alerts. These link to his Twitter. Social media is proving to be a great tool for his company.

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