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So, some of the citizens among blacks and Hispanics are claiming discrimination by the Wells Fargo Bank. These Philadelphia borrowers showed proof of credit worthiness in qualifying for a low-interest loan.

However, the FICO scores were alike for qualified minority and mainly white neighborhoods. Even so, the white borrowers received a lower interest loan on their real estate loan.

Karl Heideck explains Philadelphia’s allegation is a similar case as in past lending practices by the Wells Fargo Bank, during 2004 to 2014. And, if the Supreme Court decides in favor of Philadelphia’s lawsuit because Wells Fargo has violated the Fair Housing Act, the lawsuit will stand.

Therefore, Wells Fargo Bank will have to answer to the allegations of the Redlining practices which are unlawful. As well, the bank has yet to present a legal answer in writing to these grievances.

What is more, Karl Heideck’s educational certification has come from years of litigating many cases. His skills range in commercial litigation, product liability, legal writing, and employment law. And with his speaking experience, he has 10-year training under the belt.

As an honor graduate of the Tempe University Beasley School of Law in 2009, Karl Heideck is a successful litigator. He holds talents for running all levels of the litigation procedure. He has handled client cases before going to try out and in the courtroom.

Now, he is an experienced Philadelphia attorney who works for Hire Counsel. This service caters to law firms across the country. Karl Heideck is part of a judicial team committee that provides customized legal results for diverse phases to the law.

As a contract attorney with Hire Counsel, he also practices in supporting Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project lawyer. So, as he serves the Pennsylvanians in Jenkintown, PA, Heideck productively writes in explaining other legal developments about law news on his blog.

Having gained valuable expertise during his general law area in post-trial and pretrial has paid off for him in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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