Nathaniel Ru’s Contribution Towards the Success of Sweetgreen Restaurants

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a Georgetown University graduate. In 2007, he graduated with a Bs in Finance. He is a co-founder of Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. He and his two friends started the restaurant company in their last year at Georgetown University.

Sweetgreen has since grown to have over 72 stores all around the United States. Nathaniel Ru has known his friends since their freshman year at the university.

Together with his friends, they sort investors to invest into their business. They got so much support from their parents and investors for them to start the company. Nathaniel Ru is currently the co-CEO of Sweetgreen Restaurants.

He recently gave a speech about how Sweetgreen was started at the Wharton Marketing Conference. The idea of Sweetgreen restaurants was to buy farm-fresh ingredients from local farmers to make healthy food at very friendly prices.

About Sweetgreen Restaurants

The co-CEO and co-founder of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants, Nathaniel Ru, speaks out on the history of Sweetgreen restaurants. Alongside his two college friends, Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru started the first Sweetgreen restaurant in Washington DC.

Way back when they were still in their senior year at Georgetown University, these three friends couldn’t find any healthy places to eat. They, therefore, came up with the idea of starting up Sweetgreen restaurant.

They envisioned Sweetgreen to be a farm-to-table kind of restaurant that would provide healthy eating solutions for people who wanted healthy meals. They first identified the place to set up the eatery, and then they found backers and architects to start off the project. They were committed to their core agenda of providing healthy foods.

The Sweetlife Festival

In 2010, they introduced Sweetlife, a music and food festival that brought over 20,000 people together to the festival. The festival also brought local food purveyors together in the festival. This made Sweetgreen not just a chain of restaurants; it is more of a lifestyle brand.

Sweetgreen also has a mobile app that customers can use to order and pay for food and then, they can skip the queue to pick up their order. The mobile app saves the customers a lot of time that would otherwise have been lost in queuing.

Many customers have started to embrace the use of the mobile app to place orders at Sweetgreen.The employees at Sweetgreen are considered as family and are given an opportunity to grow their careers at Sweetgreen.

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