Real Estate and Technology Guru-Arthur Becker

Madison Partners LLC is a real estate company, and early stage Bio Tech business enterprise. Arthur Becker is the managing member of Madison Partners LLC. From 2012-2015 Becker was the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Zinio LLC which is considered to be the world largest digital newsstand. Before joining Zinio, Arthur was serving at Navisite as the Chief Executive Officer. Navisite is a NASDAQ firm that has primary responsibility for distributing internet technology services, hosting, collocation to enterprises in the United States and United Kingdom. Mr. Becker served at the company from 2002-2010.

Navisite has location offices in the United Kingdom, India, and the United States providing cloud-based applications management to the business world, and data center hosting. Arthur has also worked for other top companies including Vera Wang Fashion where he worked for seven years as a Senior Advisor. Since 2011 when Navisite was acquired by Time Waner, Becker became a private investor in Technology and real estate.

Arthur said on an ideamensch interview that his idea for Madison Properties LLC game with his engagement in both Bio Tech and real estate while working at Navisite and Zinio. The sale of Navisite in 2011 gave him an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate in New York, and Miami, Florida. Arthur Becker states clearly that he does not have a busy day as he no longer has to make calls and attend meetings as before. He further mentioned that his ideas come from spending time with the people he respects in the real estate and Technology sector.

Arthur Becker is a real estate investor who has mostly invested in New York City. He is proud to be the owner of three townhouses in Soho Sullivan Street. The three town houses are in exchange for his stake in the neighboring condominium development. Becker mentioned that he invested in a project and the three townhouses are what he got for his investment. Arthur also clarified that he did not make additional investment for the project in order to get the houses. The houses are among four houses that were developed by Robert Gladstone of Madison Equity and Kelvin Maloney of property market Group.