Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Lead from the Front in Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies is one of the leading technology firms in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention, and over the years has served millions of prisoners as well as thousands of law enforcement agencies. At present, its services reach out to over 1.2 million prisoners and 3.400 law enforcement agencies.

The company has progressed at a swift pace under the leadership of the company’s CEO Rick Smith, who is one of the most familiar names in the field of corrections services. From the very beginning, Rick Smith has focused on research and development, which has helped the company to develop new technologies and products as well as innovate and improvise the existing services. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on bitsylink.com.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has worked with several other companies such as Global Crossing North America Inc, Frontier Information Technologies, Midwest Telephone Operations, and Eschelon Telecom Inc. At Eschelon Telecom Inc, Rick Smith helped in initiating some of the most smart business development moves and implement marketing strategies that helped the firm to scale its turnover from $30 million to over $350 million in just a few years.

It remains as one of the top achievements of Rick Smith. After Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008 as CEO, he was appointed the company’s chairman in 2009. As the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, he helped the company to grow and expand across the country, and also offer its services to neighboring countries, including Mexico and Canada.

It is under the leadership of Rick Smith that Securus got the Golden Stevie Award for the best customer service training team. It showcases the standards maintained by the company in delivering exceptional customer service to ensure that the potential and existing customers always get the fast, attentive, and responsive customer service. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies was able to deliver excellent customer care services is because of their national call center that ensured that each query of the customers is briskly answered without delay.

As per the reports, not outsourcing the customer care services of the company helped Securus Technologies improve its customer care services by over six hundred percent in comparison to what the competitors provide. It makes Rick Smith Securus a clear winner in this department. Rick Smith has done Masters in Business Administration from Rochester University and has done graduation in engineering from the New York State University. Read more articles at Fox34.com.

Rick Smith wants to modernize the correctional sphere with the use of technology and aims to provide the end users with services they can use without glitches and without having to pay a fortune. Rick Smith knows that technology has a great role to play in the correctional sphere in the future, and it is why he focuses on investing in research and development.