Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a scientist who has participated in several companies. He attended California University for a bachelor’s degree of science in Chemistry. Upon completion, he joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Doctorate of Philosophy where he majored in chemistry. While undertaking his doctorate he carried out his laboratory experiments, Richard a Noble Prize winner, which helped him because the professor was strict and stern in his work therefore, challenging him to be quick and accurate in order to qualify to join the competitive team.

He joined 5AM ventures before becoming its managing partner whose headquarters is in Paris, France. This is a dream company for professionals and investors who have passion in market leadership since it majors its investments in education, internet and mobile sector. Furthermore, the 5AM venture specialty is with marketing through adverts where it buys stakes from upcoming companies with the intention of acquiring a chance of advert. To know more click here.

In addition, FDA has approved Doctor Rocklage because of his experience in healthcare, which has earned him to be a leader who is believed to be responsible in different companies. These companies include Cubist where he was a chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Nycomed Interventional as the Chief Executive Officer and President and the Salatur and Catalytica. During his approval, he saw through several candidates of drug trial period.

In conclusion, he has contributed both politically and socially. He gave an amount for political agendas and to organizations. As a family, he and his wife have been of help towards contributing to nanochemistry and nanotechnology so that they could recreate the laboratory spaces. He currently is a board chairman of several companies amongst Achaogen, Relypsa and Semprus.