Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System meets customer needs

One of the most serious problems facing the modern prison system in the United States has been the ability of inmates to smuggle contraband cellular phones into the nation’s carceral facilities. These contraband cell phones pose a serious threat to the institutional safety and security, allowing prison gangs to easily carry out ongoing criminal enterprises and communicate with other criminals on the outside of prison, potentially putting lives in serious jeopardy.


But one company, Securus Technologies, has been able to make serious strides in the fight against contraband cell phones proliferating throughout the nation’s prisons. Through the development of its Wireless Containment System, Securus has been able to deploy a system that has a proven track record of virtually eliminating all contraband cell phones within the institutions where it is deployed. So successful has the system been at eliminating the threat posed by the ability of prison gangs to communicate unimpeded with the outside world that it has been lauded by many administrators across the nation’s prison system as one of the most significant innovations to take place over the last 50 years, in terms of prison safety.


But the Wireless Containment System does not just make the prison environment safer for guards and prison staff, it is also an important step towards making the prison environment safer for inmates as well. This even includes members of prison gangs, who often engage in brutal warfare with one another, including the execution of hits against rival gang members. By curtailing the ability of these dangerous gangs to communicate effectively within their own organization and with those on the outside of prison, the Wireless Containment System is making the prison environment safer for everyone and is even increasing the safety of civilians on the outside.


This is just one example of technological innovation by Securus that is making the prison environment safer.