Successful Activism Roles of James Larkin

Having been born in a not so well up background, nobody would have thought that James Larkin will go down the annals of history as a hero who fought for the rights of workers. Despite their inadequacy, James was able to work on a variety of jobs that eventually ensured that there was something to supplement their family’s income.

He was a great worker and eventually landed a better job as a foreman at the great Liverpool docks which was a welcome occupation to meet their needs. It was while working in these jobs that James Larking got to be passionate with the rights of workers, whom he believed were being treated in an unfair manner. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

This need to be able to fight for the rights of workers saw him join the National Union of Dock Laborer’s (NUDL) in the year 1905, where he assumed a permanent role as a trade union planner. James Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1876 and grew up to be a man that cares for the rights of others, especially workers. He was a passionate fighter of workers’ rights and would initiate strikes as a means of having their needs met by the employers.

This is the reason that saw NUDL transfer him to Dublin, owing to his militant strike methods. This did not deter James Larkin, who founded the Irish Transport as well as the General Workers Union in the year 1907. The main aim in this outfit was to be able to have all Irish industrial workers into one organization, whether they were skilled or unskilled.

Larkin was responsible for very many strikes through the Irish Labour Party where he relentlessly fought for fair rights of workers. The most memorable of these strikes was the Dublin Lockout of 1913 where over 100,000 workers participated in the strike for a period of eight months and eventually winning in the fight for fair employment rights.

James Larkin was also against the World War I, which led him to organize huge demonstrations in Dublin to echo their anti-war concerns. Larkin was definitely a selfless man who dedicated his entire life to fighting for the rights of others, not only workers but also everyone else in the areas that he got to serve.

He is a great inspiration to many and his unwavering fight for employee’s rights has made the world a better place to work in.