The Business Skills Of Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage has studied at the Suffolk University Law School. He did his further education from the Isenberg School of Management. Since a young age, he wanted to be in business. This is why he was always looking for business opportunities that were new and unique.

Andrew Rocklage started his career with Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was an intern over there. From there he moved on to full employment. He moved on to become a legal counsel for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. In this way, his career started in the world of legal counseling. Still, Andrew Rocklage was looking for bigger and better things.

Then he became the legal counsel to EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Then he joined the corporate counsel. Today he is the owner and operates the indoor trampoline chain known as Sky Zone Trampoline Park which is highly popular. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

All this indicates that Andrew Rocklage is an achiever. It is not easy to start a business. It denotes heavy risk. It requires the right skills, along with a lot of money, besides proper management skills. If all these things are not in the right proportion, the business can fail really fast. In Massachusetts, Sky Zone is considered to be the first official indoor trampoline park. It is already a success in the other states.

Basically, Andrew Rocklage was looking for a niche segment in business. He found this as an innovative idea that is growing in popularity all across the country. This business is doing well as Andrew Rocklage has astounding business skills. This is why he has ensured that this Trampoline Park provides hours of family fun.

Besides, it is also a way to get daily exercise as the adults today have a busy schedule and hence not able to take time out for it. This is also a fun way for people to get connected with their families.

There are about thousand people visiting Sky Zone daily. So much traffic obviously means that the management takes adequate care and ensures that people have fun while they remain safe too. Hence all the credit goes to Andrew Rocklage and his vision.

Andrew Rocklage is known for managing his careers and home life really well. He is equally successful in both of them. He has a lot of experience of working as a counselor in a number of firms. Due to this, he has earned significant experience in being an entrepreneur. This Trampoline Park is considered to be among those franchises in the world that are growing very fast as they are innovative and unique too.

Sky Zone is providing several services to its customers. It provides facilities for organizing parties, several team events, besides fundraising programs as well as hosting of offsite meetings.