Todd Lubar expresses his views on Smart Homes

Todd Lubar mentions that the real estate industry has accepted innovation. He also says that innovations play a huge role in the development of any economy. In a recent article, Todd Lubar explained how simple innovations by people in the real estate industry had changed things. He says that whenever innovation is at work, odd old jobs are replaced with better-paying jobs. He, however, warns that everything is not about better-paying jobs. Instead, these services can be used to better the society we dwell in. He gives a case scenario of how innovations have changed the life of people in terms of health and convenience. This trend benefits the whole world including North America, Europe, Asia and even Africa. According to Todd Lubar, innovation is not limited to certain areas of the economy. Instead, it’s being experienced through the internet, electric cars and even in our homes. Despite innovation being slow in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar credits innovation with smart homes that are now becoming popular.

Through smart devices and home furnishings, home owners can now control their homes from any place. This has been made possible by the Internet of Things which allows interconnection of home devices. The Internet of Things has led to the development of virtual assistants in our homes. This means that home owners can have smart lights and smart locks. These items are particularly useful for the people living with disabilities. For instance, a person confined to the while chair can use the command of his voice to open and lock doors. They can also use the same commands to switch lights on and off.

However, like any other scientific innovation, smart homes have their shortcomings. An example is a person with speech impediment. Communicating with these devices will be difficult because these devices are coded to match voice commands. It’s for this reason that smart home technology has been referred to as a weak artificial intelligent system. According to Todd Lubar, artificial intelligence brings about limitation of tasks that can be accomplished. Other than the real estate business, Todd Lubar has interests elsewhere. He is in the business of demolition as well as night club industry.

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