Using Securus Technologies to Uncover a Corrupt Staff Member

Working in a prison is challenging and rewarding at the same time. This is not the type of job that you simply show up and put in your hours, each day is a completely new experience where you put you life on the line every minute you are in the jail. Inmates are plotting 24-hours a day to either exploit the system or causing others harm, so if we let our guard down for even a second we could wind up in a hospital or worse.


To combat the violence against officers in prison, we have to be vigilant each day and make sure none of the visitors are trying to smuggle in anything the inmates can use to harm others. These inspections take up a great deal of the day, and even with full body searches and scans, the inmates find ways to get and hide weapons.


We try to surprise the inmates each day with inspections of the cells, but many times they get a heads up and are able to place the weapons just out of our eyesight. The biggest concern we have is inmates getting their hands on common items like spoons and forks that can be turned into deadly weapons with a little ingenuity.


When Securus Technologies updated the inmate call system in the jail, we discovered we had another resource to uncover how these weapons were getting to the inmates. Sadly, the system was able to alert us to activity with one of our staff members who was letting certain visitors pass without inspection and even selling contraband to others. Once we began surveillance on the staff member, we discovered more than enough evidence to arrest him and to slow down at least one avenue in which these weapons were getting into the hands of the inmates.


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  1. Certainly, some of these inmates now liaise with the cell controllers to have upper hand and tend to control other inmates with lesser influence in the cell. As assignmentman writers has rightly pointed out, if these inmates staff members could put to check closely, the prison would be a safe place for other inmates. I personally appreciate the tech introduced by Securus.

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