Waiakea Water: The Value of Good Water

What makes good water? That’s an interesting question considering water doesn’t really have a flavor, or does it? When water is natural, like it’s supposed to be, it does have a flavor. It’s not a sugary flavor, which is what most people in the United States are accustomed to.

As the United States becomes more health conscious, people are finding value in drinking more water. For a start, it’s healthy and that’s what they’re supposed to be doing anyway. Secondly, water is a lot more convenient since the bottled water craze hit about 20 years ago.

These days, nearly every major beverage company has their own line of bottled water. Bottled water is an ingenious idea that most people laughed at about 30 years ago. Now, everyone wishes they had thought of bottled water first. The bottled water industry generates over $100 billion worldwide.

With so many companies selling bottled water, it’s hard for people to find the perfect water company. For most people, there’s only one thing they really care about: price. Companies will say people care about more than price, but most of the world is low-income and only focuses on what they can afford.

It would be great if a company produced products that poor people could afford, but poor people usually don’t make the discussion table. That’s created a really bad hole in the bottled water industry. Most companies sell cheap water because they package their water in plastic bottles.

Plastic, for those who don’t know, is terrible for the environment. The best way to change the beverage world is to create a plastic that isn’t so bad. Companies aren’t moving away from plastic anytime soon and that means tons of plastic will continue to pollute the world and cause problems.

Waiakea Water is a company that’s decided to solve that problem. Last year, they announced that they’d be switching to 100 percent degradable plastic bottles. Their bottles degrade in only 15 years.